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Steve and bucky meet in a bar and have a passionate night. The awkward morning after is unavoidable.

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First fanart I’ve draw in months…

This was vaguely inspired by a prompt in this post about Steve taking care of Bucky and trying to restore him to his old self but apparently that was too cheerful for me so it turned into Bucky angsting in front of a cracked mirror because symbolism.

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Bucky + 27 chick 

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On days like this I could just disappear,

If it weren’t for you and your love,

like nails in my feet

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now I’m just making up excuses to draw the arm and ponytaiiiil

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'It's Not Too Late to Make Things Right'

Bucky at the wall of valor.

face reference from various caps of political animals

why do i keep doin’ this to myself ah god

available for print here

please do not steal and repost

please do not remove my caption

thanks and i hope you like it!

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"Am I dreaming?"

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